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Statement by the agri-food Chain Coalition

"On occasion of the Agri-Food Chain Coalition event at the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Marlene Mortler, COCERAL is eager to share the Joint Statement about “Strengthening food systems resilience and autonomy in time of crisis”

The Agri-Food Chain Coalition (AFCC) is a joint initiative representing 12 associations across the agri-food system. Members represent European farmers, cooperatives, and companies from the agriculture and livestock sector, farm equipment, plant and animal breeders, fertilisers, crop protection, animal health, feed, biotechnology-based products, and the agricultural trade.

Geopolitical volatility, and in particular the war in Ukraine, greatly impact food security and affordability worldwide. In combination with climate change, this quickly has become a legitimate concern, threatening the resilience of EU food production by jeopardising access to affordable food for many of our fellow citizens.

The EU agri-food supply chain is facing unique challenges, as a result of the rising prices and scarcity of energy and other essential inputs needed to guarantee food autonomy, leading to a compromised food supply chain in the EU, and negatively impacting rural and coastal communities.”