Position Papers

COCERAL-UNISTOCK-EUROMALT welcome safe plant protection options for well-functioning food and feed supply chains: a joint Position Paper  06/02/2024

COCERAL, UNISTOCK, and EUROMALT acknowledge the ongoing technical and political debate in the EU on managing residues of Plant Protection Products in food and feed, in a way that is safe for human and animal health, and respectful for the environment. At a time of severe trade disruptions, climate change, pest pressure, and geopolitical uncertainty, it is relevant to frame the debate in a non-ideological way, considering all available methods to protect crops and related products along all stages of cultivation, storage, and transformation, to ensure food security.

In particular, COCERAL, UNISTOCK, and EUROMALT welcome harmonized measures that reflect the agricultural needs of the EU Member States and third-export countries and can favor international cooperation, underpinned by a rules-based order established in science. With crop protection considerably moving to greener and more sustainable alternatives, including low-risk substances, biological tools, agroecology, and Integrated Pest Management, it is relevant to maintain the options the farming community needs to grow crops and feed the planet.

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