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The Secretariat in Brussels prepares, coordinates and reports on the work of the Sections and informs its members on all relevant European policy and legal issues.


Secretary General

• General management of the organizations structure at Rue du Trône 98
• General policy coordination, media and supply chain stakeholders relations;
• Office Board; COCERAL internal affairs, governance and relation with members;
• GMOs Adventitious Presence;
• International Grain Trade Coalition; CELCAA, Agri Food Chain Coalition;
• COCERAL and Unistock overall management.

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Executive PA to the Secretary General 

• PA to Secretary General
• Support to office management 
• Lead for events abroad

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Office Coordinator

• General management and coordination of the office;
• Front desk and call center;
• In-house meetings and events in Brussels;
• EU Commission Civil Dialogue Groups management;
• Webmaster and access to communication tools.

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Policy Advisor - Market, Trade and Sustainability

Horizontal responsibilities:
• Market and trade policy monitoring and advocacy;
• Sustainability and Climate change;
• DG AGRI Civil Dialogue Groups:
       o Arable Crops (Cereals, Oilseeds and Protein Crops; Energy and Non- food crops; Rice)
       o CAP;
       o Greening

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Kevin BOSC
Policy Advisor – Environmental Affairs and Agrosupply

Horizontal responsibilities:
• Environmental matters and Agrosupply;
• Responsible for Euromalt Technical Committee;

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Anita Teresa RÓZANSKA
Accounting and Administration

Horizontal responsibilities:
• Daily accounting; invoicing, bookkeeping and reconciliation; budget, financial overview and control;
• Payroll and insurances;
• Administrative management traders and suppliers.

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Cristina DALLA BONA 
Policy Advisor 

• Unistock Policy Advisor  

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Staff directory

You can download the staff directory here (for Members only)