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COCERAL Annual General Assembly | Open session | 7 June 2023

COCERAL public webinar on the Role of Grain Trade in Supporting Food Security |
26 April 2023

COCERAL Annual General Meeting 2022 | Rotterdam

59th COCERAL Annual General Meeting - Warsaw 28/30 May 2017

Innovation in the food and production supply chain Communicating risks, sharing experiences, seizing opportunities. What to expect for the trade?
                                                                        Under the moderation of Jacki DAVIS

57th COCERAL Annual General Meeting - Antwerp 22 May 2015

20 years of European Single Market: Agribusiness Lessons, Experiences & Recommendations
Under the moderation of Mr Stefan VOGEL

The free movement of goods, with the objective of ensuring trade within the European Union, is one of the cornerstones of the internal market.Free movement applies under the same conditions for all goods circulating within the EU, including those from third countries, with the exception of those posing risks to consumers, public health or the environment. The ban on measures restricting imports and exports between Member States and the principle of mutual recognition ensure compliance under the monitoring of the Commission. Since it was created in 1993, what is today the state of play in different areas of the agribusiness sector? Is the principle of free movement working? Which are the areas where improvements are needed?