Market and Agricultural Policy Committee
The section activity consists in the analysis of the EU grain markets and the preparation of the cereals, and oilseeds crop forecasts. The section also analyses the world market for cereals and examines EU import and export policy and legislation and follows the multilateral and bilateral trade negotiations. Opinions are prepared on the reform proposals of the common agricultural policy and their impact evaluated.

Food and Feed Safety legislation Committee
The Section prepares and has specific expertise to meet the growing demands of technical requirements to trade  and its continuous flow of legislation in these areas. The section is particularly active on the Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) dossiers, the General traceability regulation, hygiene packages, official controls for food and feed, pesticide residues as well as contaminants and undesirable substances.

Olive Oil Section
It concentrates on the common organisation of the market in olive oil and table olives, the quality strategy and food safety related issues. Members of the section follow-up closely the work of the International Olive Oil Council. Other aspects such as traceability, commercial rules (organoleptic characteristics), promotion, consequences for the sector of the EU enlargement and  the image of olive oil are also important.

Agrosupply Section
In addition to the traditional exchange of information on the market for fertilisers and plant protection products the section mainly examines regulatory matters, for example the thematic strategy for a sustainable use of pesticides, maximum limits for pesticide residues, cross-compliance, and cadmium content in phosphate fertilizers.