About the COCERAL Agrosupply Section

Agrosupply is one pillar in the COCERAL membership. COCERAL members of the Agrosupply section are active in the distribution of authorised plant protection products, fertilisers and seeds while also providing advisory services to farmers. To ensure safe distribution and use of products, they rely on the risk assessments performed by the competent authorities and the appropriate authorisations.

In the food and feed supply chain, operators belonging to the agrosupply business find themselves between the producers of plant protection products, fertilisers or seeds, and the users of these products, i.e. the farmers.

Agrosupply distributors in the supply chain (click to enlarge):

Agrosupply trade therefore plays a vital role in supplying farmers with adequate products to sustain agricultural plant production.

COCERAL represents agrosupply distributors towards European Institutions and other stakeholders.

What we strive for:

  • Unlocking the European potential in agriculture and fostering innovation;  
  • Recognition of the importance of plant protection products to sustain competitive agricultural production and its wider contribution to food security. 
  • Awareness of the need for more investments in the research and development to ensure that farmers have sufficient, safe and sustainable products available.
  • Science and risk-based approaches as well as predictable, feasible and cost-efficient legislation.

Our priorities and advocacy areas:

  • Highlight importance of availability of Plant Protection Products, including products for minor uses and speciality crops.
  • Strive for a predictable, science-based and cost-effective legislative framework.
  • Fight illegal trade of pesticides.

  • Strive for availability of fertilisers including blended fertilisers and adequate framework for distribution.
  • Precursors of explosives: advocate for clear labelling of products by producers.

  • Monitor legislative developments affecting distribution of seeds.
  • Highlight implications of EU legislation on trade with third countries.

Our network

We aim to build alliances where possible with stakeholders in the supply chain. Therefore, we are in regular exchange with related industry associations such as:

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