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Our Vision

COCERAL promotes a modern, holistic vision of agriculture in which food production is closely linked to the global macroeconomic environment. This interdependence among variables demands that modern agriculture addresses a number of challenges:

  • To increase productivity to satisfy an ever-growing population;
  • To preserve the environment and climate;
  • To hold competiveness while acting in a global and liberalised marketplace.

The members of COCERAL are committed to respond to these challenges. To do so they must consider all elements influencing supply and demand, going far beyond the classic market indicators and market management measures. Other elements that influence supply and demand must be taken into consideration, such as:

  • Food and feed safety issues;
  • Trade agreements;
  • Common Agricultural Policy;
  • Environmental and sustainability policies;
  • Biofuel policy.

The coherence and synergies between all these elements are crucial to make agricultural markets work properly: these are “our issues”.