May 2019

Brussels, 21 MAY 2019 – In its second forecast for the 2019 crop, Coceral projects the EU total grain crop at 301.0 mln t.

This is slightly up from the March forecast of 298.5 mln t and significantly up from last year’s crop when farmers harvested 281.0 mln t of grains.

Wheat production is seen at 140.3 mln t, up slightly from the 139.8 mln t seen in March and well above the 127.4 mln t in 2018. After a dry fall in 2018 and a dry period of 6 weeks in March and April, growing conditions have stabilized recently thanks to rains.

The EU’s barley production forecast for 2019 stands at 59.0 mln t, down from 59.4 mln t previously, but up from 56.1 mln t last year.

The EU’s corn crop forecast has been revised up from 61.0 mln t to 62.9 mln t (last year: 60.9 mln t) mainly due to a much higher than previously expected acreage in Germany and Romania.

The rapeseed production forecast for the EU has been reduced from 18.6 mln t to 17.9 mln t due to a sharp reduction in the French crop.