Annual Reports

The Annual Reports provide a comprehensive review of the association’s performance while evaluating our activities over the years based on our strategic priorities.

These years of major disturbances and fast changing flows around the world have set a challenging and unpredictable landscape for our activities. Always in contact with our unique network of experts across Europe within our members organisations and companies, the activities of the Association continue to intensify and issues placed on the table have been carried successfully. 

Annual Report 2016

It is always a pleasure to look back, to appreciate what has been achieved while learning lessons for the future. 2016 was a year of change for business, markets and politics, with numerous challenges to be addressed by the trading sector. COCERAL, its member associations and companies worked tirelessly to successfully mitigate risks and find solutions to ever-changing legislation. The examples presented in this report are just a sample of the efforts undertaken last year. However, they help to illustrate the diversity of regulatory and political risks the sector faces Predictability and damage limitation are key benefits enjoyed by COCERAL members in an increasingly uncertain regulatory environment. There is no let-up in these challenges, as the first months of 2017 have already shown. COCERAL will therefore continue to review its operations and capabilities while always striving for excellence. As a leading association in the value chain, COCERAL will continue to position itself as a knowledgeable partner, putting its members’ needs first, and help to educate administrations and  politicians about the impact of their decisions on our business.

Jaana Kleinschmit von Lengefeld

Annual Report 2015

Since 1958 COCERAL has been banging the drum for the grain trade at the European Union institutions in Brussels. Brussels is the heart of Europe. Its landscape consists of public institutions, political bodies, EU Member States and third country representations. Over thirty thousand interest groups are represented here – that rivals the number of people working for the European Commission alone. (...) 

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Annual Report 2014

COCERAL: achieving goals and initiating new processes
Looking back at 2014 and what we accomplished during that year, words like governance, communication and excellence come to mind. It was a very busy year for the COCERAL trading community and its talented staff, as you will see while in our activity report. We achieved goals and initiated new processes. (...)

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Annual Report 2013

COCERAL: delivering messages, achieving results

2013 was another active and eventful year for COCERAL. We focused on our priorities of the removal of technical barriers to trade, factors affecting the supply and demand, food and feed safety and environmental matters. The dialogue and partnerships established with our partners along the supply chain was also strengthened as well as the association's governance. Progress made on all these fronts is remarkable. (...)

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Annual Report 2012

Building on achievements, maintaining momentum and responding to change

This year’s report comes at an important and difficult time for Europe. Many countries are experiencing financial and economic problems and this forms the backdrop for our reporting. The austerity measures that are being adopted bring multiple challenges and present policy makers with difficult choices as competing priorities call on the public purse. (...)

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Annual Report 2011

This past year, Europe has been in the middle of major disturbances, directly or indirectly impacted by the geopolitical and economical events in the world and the forces in action. The debt crisis, the slow growth environment, the commodities and energy high prices and the fast changing flows around the world have set a challenging and unpredictable landscape for our activities. (...)

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Annual Report 2010

The year 2010 has seen COCERAL protagonist of intense lobbying campaigns in defense of the European trade in cereals, oilseeds, rice, olive oil, agrosupply, oils and fats sector. The Sections have been giving great support in that respect: the challenges related to the asynchronous approval of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) as major cause of trade disruptions for European traders has been on the top of the team efforts also in 2010, requiring substantial commitment and team up with the food and feed representatives downstream the supply chain. At the same time, sustainability and the Renewable Energy Directive have gained ground and kept busy throughout the year. (...)

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